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Planning for the future


As a wealth management firm, we believe that the concept of Sustainability has important implications in supporting long-term financial balance in our lives. As in other areas of Sustainable investing, a holistic and comprehensive approach is critical. This involves structuring your financial resources to best maintain and grow your wealth to meet your life’s objectives. We encourage our clients to adopt a long-term view and believe that robust and well-diversified investment strategies founded on established and proven principles are the best way to achieve these goals and provide a more tranquil investment journey.


Investment advice and portfolio management services are provided by Maimon Wealth Management Ltd, a licensed Portfolio Management Company.


Investors have two major sources of wealth: Financial wealth and human capital. Financial wealth is savings available for investment in capital markets, and human capital is the ability to earn and save in the future. Investors should balance between these two sources of wealth when deciding how to invest their financial assets.

While investor preferences can change over time, most of our clients invest because they have financial goals with long-term horizons (accumulation phase) or want to maintain a certain standard of living through retirement (consumption phase). Clients in the accumulation phase seek to achieve their goals by saving (i.e., deferring today's consumption to future consumption). Since they will not require their money for some time, their savings can be invested with the expectation of capitalising on the time value of money to generate growth of savings. Clients already in their consumption phase (e.g., retirees) may aim to withdraw just enough capital so that the remaining principal can grow and replenish those withdrawals.

Growth of capital for either group allows for increased consumption in the future, helping people better fulfill financial goals or enhancing their future standard of living.

Global Portfolios

Determining an appropriate asset allocation is a critical step to help investors achieve their long- term investment goals. However, there is no single right answer when it comes to asset allocation. A set of model portfolios could have very different asset allocations yet be appropriate for different investor cohorts depending on their needs, sensitivities, and risk tolerances.

Managing Foreign Exchange Risk

Wealth management is principally the discipline of managing risk. For US families that resettle abroad, including Olim to Israel, management extends beyond the ordinary consideration of asset allocation and retirement planning. Expats must also consider the interplay between their US and local tax standing and, importantly, their currency exposure.

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