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About SustainableStrategies 

MaimonWealth has launched Sustainable Strategies to identify real-world solutions for investors focused on how they might align their investment decisions with their personal, social and ecological values. We believe that investment strategies founded on established and proven principles that reflect personal values can provide competitive returns over time.


Based on over 25 years of experience advising clients, we have developed clear methodologies on how to best structure and deliver customized wealth management services.


Our values encompass communication and services that are:

  • Substantive

  • Objective

  • Forthright

  • Transparent


Our services are built on a foundation of disciplined and evidence-based guidance, designed to provide our clients with the confidence to focus on that which brings them the greatest joy and fulfillment. Investment advice and portfolio management services are provided by Maimon Wealth Management Ltd, a licensed Portfolio Management Company.

About Ben Maimon

I began my career as an accountant and valuation consultant with Deloitte, where over

six years, I developed a broad range of advisory and valuation skills. I then spent the next 12 years as an investment analyst and portfolio manager in New York.


As a value investor, I was principally involved in analyzing securities and managing portfolios for individuals and families at institutional caliber firms, including Oppenheimer Capital and Greenhaven Associates, which enjoyed strong reputations and track records of returns.


In anticipation of moving to Israel in 2005, I was recruited by Analyst, a leading Israeli investment management firm. There, I headed up the Firm's international investment effort for six years. From 2011-2015, I was a senior member of KCPS Clarity PWM, serving as a member of both its Investment and Management Committees. Since coming to Israel, I have worked extensively with Americans and other expats, with special attention to their often complex, cross-jurisdictional considerations.


I hold a BS in Accounting from Yeshiva University and an MBA in International Finance from New York University and I am a CPA. I live in Ra’anana with my wife Elana and our four children.



Ben Maimon

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