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Impact Israel

Israeli innovation is playing a leading role in a rapidly growing impact investment market and changing the world for the better. 
Israeli Initiatives as a Resource for Global Impact 

People are increasingly interested in using wealth to express their views and generate a positive social and environmental impact. There are new and exciting opportunities in Israel that can make a positive impact within Israeli society and abroad. 


Evidence and sustainability are our guiding principles in planning for the future. These values are important in our personal lives but equally so in establishing policies to secure the future of our broader society. 

Israel Impact Summit 2019

The 2019 Israel Impact Summit explores Israel’s unique position to make a positive impact on the world stage. Here's a short video from Nir Shimony, co-founder at TechForGood, highlighting some of the exciting trends in private equity impact in Israel. TechForGood addresses global social and environmental challenges by harnessing Israeli innovation. TechForGood provides impact entrepreneurs with professional support, a network, and know-how to enable them to grow and succeed.

To watch more clips from the 2019 summit or to read more about trending topics in Israeli impact investment opportunities, please click here

The Influence of Private Funds on the Impact Ecosystem

Dalia Black discusses new developments in private equity impact investing within Israel and abroad. This clip describes examples of impact driven portfolios that are making a positive difference today. 

Resources for Making an Impact in Israel

The Taub Center for Social Policy Studies in Israel, founded in 1982, provides decision makers with respected objective research on some of the most critical social and economic issues facing Israel to help ensure that we are building more competitive and sustainable society in Israel.


The Center’s recently released report A Picture of the Nation 2020 provides a comprehensive picture of the state of Israeli society and its economy.

Social Finance Israel seeks to tackle Israel’s most pressing social and economic issues, while delivering monetary returns to investors, through the issuance of Social Impact Bonds. Social Finance Israel has launched multiple Social Impact Bonds since November 2015.

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