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Our Philosophy

We are dedicated proponents of evidence-based, long-term investing.


While your feelings about money play a prominent role in determining the right financial strategy for you, especially in terms of risk management, we believe that you, and we, are best served by limiting the role that emotions play in making daily investment decisions.


The decisions that we make in constructing your portfolios are based on extensive, some Nobel Prize winning, academic research. We identify and implement an optimal mix of assets for you and make investment shifts accordingly. Relying on evidence, rather than emotions and predictions, benefits our clients.


Our investment philosophy is based on fundamental beliefs about how best to maintain and sustain our clients’ wealth. We believe, that as a rule markets are efficient, diversification is essential, investing involves balancing risk with expected returns, and that portfolio structure explains performance.


To summarize, four key investment principles underpin our investment approach:

  • Markets work

  • Diversification is key

  • Risk and return are related

  • Portfolio structure explains performance


These principles are the foundation for building comprehensive portfolios focusing on asset allocation and cost minimization. We focus on proven sources of long-term investment returns rather than security selection and market timing. We are continually evaluating new methodologies to enhance client portfolios. 


Currently, investors face lower returns than they had been accustomed to previously, which makes reducing costs critical to provide clients with meaningful returns. We encourage our clients to adopt a long-term view of investing. Returns can vary widely in the short run, while owning investments for a longer period of time reduces the impact of year-to-year fluctuations, providing a more tranquil investment journey.


Investment advice and portfolio management services are provided by Maimon Wealth Management Ltd, a licensed Portfolio Management Company.



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